Modesto Gospel Mission has partnered with The Orchard Foundation to help those interested in various ways to give to Modesto Gospel Mission. Below are some of the options offered by The Orchard Foundation:



Quality Asset Management

With core values of integrity, client-focused service, excellence and personal and professional growth; The Orchard Foundation is committed to working for your best interests.  They manage charitable funds in a way that earns your trust, furthers the Kingdom and brings glory to God.



Donor Advised Funds (DAFs)

Perhaps America’s most popular investment tool for charitable giving, donor advised funds are like your own private foundation but without any of the administrative red tape.  DAFs have become even more user-friendly through Orchard since they implemented the DonorFirst online portal. Learn more about Donor Advised Funds.



Charitable Gift Annuities (CGAs)

Charitable gift annuities are The Orchard Foundation’s most widely-held charitable giving tool.  Orchard is licensed to issue or administer CGAs in 48 states, and with a manageable minimum investment combined with a policy to avoid reinsurance, hundreds of people are choosing this solution to reach their charitable goals.


Charitable Remainder Gifts

A gift that provides income to yourself or your loved one now and leaves the remainder to Modesto Gospel Mission at the end of a set term or after death. This option allows for a great deal of flexibility.



Endowments provide funding for ministry needs of Modesto Gospel Mission today while securing continued ministry efforts into the future. They provide ongoing funding in perpetuity for a designated ministry effort by aligning your investment objectives with biblical values and competitive market returns.

Gifts of Securities

Gifts of securities can be excellent alternative to cash gifts. By donating appreciated stock, bonds, or mutual funds through The Orchard Foundation, donors can avoid the capital gains taxes required by selling the security and donating cash.

Ministry Funds

Ministry funds simplify the process of distributing retirement funds and insurance policies to Modesto Gospel Mission.  Plus, with the excellent rates and solid asset management available through The Orchard Foundation, a Modesto Gospel Mission can be sure that they are stewarding these funds well.

Revocable Trust

Set your gift aside now or at your death to be held, managed and invested so it can grow and benefit Modesto Gospel Mission in the future. A good option for those who want to keep the terms of their estate confidential and maintain the option to change those terms at any time.

Contact The Orchard Foundation directly for information on non-cash gifts such as real estate, personal property, etc.