Zack Gentry

Director of Programs

Zack Gentry has served at the Mission since 2013, and was recently promoted from manager of the men’s program to Director of Programs.

Zack grew up in a Christian home and felt God’s call on his life at a young age. Unfortunately, he neglected that call and chose to chase after his own desires. “Doing that cost me and those that love me a lot of heartache as I became a drug addict and often incarcerated.” Zack stated. In 2003, Zack was arrested for the final time. Staring at a life sentence and ashamed to call out to God, Zack says that God came calling for him – revealing truth to Zack through the scripture – “Let us come boldly to God’s throne of Grace that you may obtain mercy and find grace to help in your time of need.” Zack has chosen to walk with God ever since then and is thankful for the opportunity to share his experience and Christ’s hope with those in need of it.

Zack is the father of 4 wonderful children (Tyler, Shelby, Tanner, and Joei Ann) and is married to the love of his life, Juli. He attends Haven of Hope Church in Keyes, CA and loves music, movies, food, and sports…especially the L.A. Dodgers.



State Certified with additional credentials in Clinical Supervision, as a Forensic Addictions Counselor, and a Co-Occurring Disorder Specialist.



(209) 225-2923