We drove up the mountains; the road becoming more and more narrow as four lanes turned into two. As night fell, the lanes became so narrow that at some points one car would have to stop so that another car could pass. Looking out of the passenger window you could see a sheer drop with no guard rails, no concrete barriers, and nothing to keep you from plummeting to the bottom.

Our lives often mirror a drive up a steep mountain. However, God in his loving kindness offers us guards and barriers in the form of His laws and commandments. Often times the do’s and don’ts of the Bible are viewed as out-of-date rules given by a distant God. However, our God draws near to us and through his son Jesus Christ, can sympathize with anything we are going through. In His infinite wisdom he establishes boundaries to keep us safe.

In Psalms 119, the Psalmist details how important it is to follow the laws of God and the benefits of staying within the boundaries He sets for us.

Psalms 119:6 states “Then I would not be put to shame when I consider all your commands.

Ultimately we have to trust that our God is a good father and that His commands are truly what’s best for us.

Sequaisa McPherson, Database Administrator