Friend of the Mission,

The warm weather is here, and after a good, wet winter we are in the throes of spring, with summer right around the corner. 2019 is moving fast, and there have been many positive changes already here at the Mission. One change is our new website, with a fresh new look and exciting new testimonies. Please go see it at

One of our key tenets is to provide Refuge for Recovery as the first process of transformation. During this initial phase, we provide accommodation for all without prejudice into a safe place of shelter and providing nutritious meals to all that are hungry in our community.

This Refuge for Recovery happens 24 hours a day, every day, as we deal with the myriad of reasons that individuals become homeless. This issue is complex and often each person has a different road to a successful outcome. The shelter of each guest is coupled with the strategic objective of leading that individual out of homelessness and back into self-sufficiency.

I love sharing with you the exciting impact that the Modesto Gospel Mission has had so far this year in its pursuit of transforming lives. During the first three months of 2019, through God’s grace we have provided shelter to 728 different men, women and children. It is also with joy that because of your generosity with donations and financial support, we have also been able to serve over 33,000 meals during this time span. What a report, glory to God!

Refuge of Recovery is holistic in its approach – coupling essential needs such as shelter, clothes, and food, with the spiritual need of hearing the gospel of Christ. Meeting the tangible needs often softens the heart of the individual, and meeting Jesus provides hope, grace and love, transforming the heart.

This Refuge for Recovery does not stop there; however, during the day, the Mission provides refuge with our Freedom Road Day Center, sponsored in large part by a gracious donation from Sutter Health/Memorial Medical Center. The Freedom Road Day Center provides a place for all who desire to seek refuge, allowing each person a safe place to call home during the day (even if they do not shelter with us at night). This is the only Day Center operating in Modesto that is open to the public at large. The Freedom Road Day Center is a structured environment where the homeless can meet with a caseworker, discuss next steps to gain housing, benefits and employment, and is introduced to Jesus through group discussions and Bible study.

Meet Doug, who not only shelters with us during the night, but also volunteers at the Day Center.

“There always was an angel watching over my shoulder. Retirement was going very well and when my youngest child graduated from Berkeley the decision was made to dispose of sixty-five years of stuff and hit the road. For an unexplained reason, keeping my balance was more and more difficult and even getting up from a chair was a test of will. In Modesto, the medical professionals determined that the cause was Multiple Sclerosis. Alcoholism would soon raise its ugly head and despair was eminent. A nurse recommended that I go to the Modesto Gospel Mission and recuperate. Walking, and independence was high on the agenda and the Modesto Gospel Mission fit the bill, which is where I discovered Jesus for the first time. Soon I will be departing in my RV and harbor no fear of the future.”

This impact could not be possible without the support and prayers from you that provide your time, donations and financial support that allows us to facilitate Refuge for Recovery. Thank you for being the hands and feet of Jesus Christ, as we display kindness and love. I would love to hear from you personally. You can call me or email me at Remember to check out our new website and tell me what you think.

Jason Conway, Executive Director

P.S. I am thrilled to announce that our annual Gala will once again be back at the Gallo Center for the Arts where we will be hosting Mac Powell and the Family Reunion on September 26, 2019. Mac Powell was the lead singer of Third Day for the last 25 years, selling over 10 million albums and winning numerous awards. Please join us for this fund-raising event. Tickets are now on sale at