Dear Friend of the Mission,

Refuge, recovery, and restoration are provided daily at the Modesto Gospel Mission to all that are experiencing the difficulties of homelessness and brokenness in our community. With homelessness being a major topic in our community, I know you must have questions that you would like answered. One of the most frequently-asked questions I hear is what can be done to help the homeless issue in our community. My answer is that you should always point homeless individuals to the Modesto Gospel Mission where these individuals have the best odds of life transformation. The Mission has services that have demonstrated a proven pathway out of homelessness and back into a relationship with Jesus Christ and the community. The condition of homelessness in our cities has deep roots in the spiritual and emotional health of everyone. Homelessness, poverty, mental health, addiction, and spiritual brokenness are complicated issues in many ways, but the answer for all these problems are found in Christ.

With so much discussion in the community about Focus on Prevention and Beard Brook Park, the Modesto Gospel Mission continues to quietly exist with the same vision since its beginnings 71 years ago. This vision is to introduce each man, woman, and child to the love of Christ through the provision of resources such as an 18-month New Life Program, Day Center Program, Youth Center After-School Program, employment training, life skills classes and Bible studies, medical clinic, and daily shelter, clothing, showers, chapel services, and meals for over 200 men, women, and children each night. We fight the hard fight each day to combat homelessness and hopelessness in our community, and I wanted to share with you the impact we had in 2018. This impact is a direct result of your donations, volunteer service, and prayers last year.

This work of the Lord in 2018 was the result of your willingness to be the hands and feet of Jesus Christ by the generous giving of your time and financial resources. I wanted to share the story of Priscilla:

“My name is Priscilla Lechuga. I am 28 years old and a single mother of four children: Santiago, Evangeliza, Alyna, and Damian. Before coming to the Mission, we had lost all hope. Thankfully, someone referred me to the Children’s Crisis Center, who then found me a bed at the Mission. The next morning, I was able to bring my children with me. The Modesto Gospel Mission has been nothing but a blessing to my family and me. The Mission gave me faith and motivation to keep striving for better. Then the staff is so inspirational and hearing their testimonies give me so much hope. We are very blessed here at the Modesto Gospel Mission.”

Jesus Christ is the answer! Although government services, education, employment opportunities, housing, and medical treatment are all valuable in the fight against homelessness, our conviction is that people truly begin to break free from the lifestyle of homelessness by recovering their emotional and spiritual health through a personal
relationship with Christ. Today, I am humbled to be a part of this great Central Valley community and work side by side with YOU as we impact our region through the power and the love of Jesus Christ.

Please prayerfully consider how you can partner with the Modesto Gospel Mission this year as we continue providing refuge, recovery, and restoration to all that comes through the doors of the Mission. I cannot thank you all for how much you impact the lives that are served by this ministry and I hope we can count on you again to help us in 2019. Please email me directly with any questions you may have regarding homelessness and the ministry of the Modesto Gospel Mission at I truly would love to hear from you, and I will personally answer every email I receive. Thank you and God Bless!

Jason Conway, Executive Director

P.S. We are happy to announce that we were recently awarded the 2018 Platinum Seal of Transparency from, the highest honor this nonprofit information service awards to charities.